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Dr. David Rosow is board-certified in the practice of Otolaryngology and fellowship trained in laryngology, the study of the larynx. His practice has been in Miami since 2011. His passion for caring for disorders of the larynx stems from his dual backgrounds in both science and music, and he has published numerous articles in the scientific literature. He has been recognized for his work by the Florida Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, which voted him Runner-Up in its election of Otolaryngologist of the Year in 2013, and that year he was awarded the Presidential Citation for Foreign Body Management from the American Bronchoesophagological Association. He has also been recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top 15 Throat Doctors in the United States for managing performing artists.


Dr. Rosow was born in Boston, MA and raised in nearby Wayland, MA. He was valedictorian of his high school class and matriculated at Harvard College, where he graduated with Honors with a degree in Chemistry. He then attended Harvard Medical School, where he also graduated with Honors.


He undertook residency training at the combined Otolaryngology residency program of Columbia and Cornell Universities at New York Presbyterian Hospital. After completing residency, he studied for an additional year of sub-specialty training in Laryngology with the renowned Dr. Steven Zeitels at the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center.


During this time, he was also extensively trained in classical music, focusing principally on violin performance. He studied at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School and was a member of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra for 9 years under the baton of Maestro Benjamin Zander. While at Harvard, he also served as a DJ, Program Director, and Classical Music Director for WHRB-FM, a non-profit radio station where he helped produce comprehensive retrospective programs on the works of Sibelius and Mahler.


Dr. Rosow is also interested in international medical service and the idea of implementing sustainable health care projects in local communities. He has traveled to Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, and the Virgin Islands for humanitarian causes. He enjoys hiking, cycling, running, and international travel.

"I host a radio show in South Florida on WHQT -FM, Hot 105, from 10 AM until 3 PM Monday through Friday. After growing concerned of not being able to shake a hoarseness for a few weeks I shared my concerns with a friend from New York City.


Along with my wife, my friend suggested that I see a doctor and said she had a friend an anesthesiologist who worked in a New York City hospital who knew of this great doctor in Miami. With the help of  an associate of hers I was introduced to Dr. Rosow.


Wow what a blessing! It was my belief, based on all that I heard from others, that the kind of medical care and service I would receive from Dr. Rosow and his staff was a lost art. I was examined on a Tuesday and was told that I had a pair of blisters on my vocal chords. I was scheduled for laser removal  procedure on the following Friday. After resting Saturday, and Sunday I return to work on Monday taking it easy with no vocal strain for the next few days. I have yet to stop telling everyone that I me how great the service was the care was and how professional the entire staff was to me. As for the results of the procedure, I want to believe that I'm better than I've ever been. Thank you Dr. Rosow and staff for all that you've done for me, my family and my career."

We love you more,

James Thomas

"I visited Dr. David Rosow after several weeks of severe hoarseness which had changed my voice and was seriously impeding my daily performance.  As a broadcaster my voice quality is imperative and I was concerned that my voice would never sound the same.
Dr. Rosow found a polyp on one of my vocal cords which was the cause of my diminished voice quality. Together, we determined that the it was best to remove the growth surgically.  Dr. Rosow patiently assured me with the utmost confidence that in his hands my voice would return to exactly as it was before the polyp.
My surgery was scheduled quickly, my polyp removed and after strict voice rest my raspiness was gone.  My voice is back, the frog in my throat is no more and I owe it all thanks to the qualified hands of Dr. David Rosow and the pros at UHealth Miami Voice Center.  The team made me feel at ease and handled every aspect of my procedure to the highest level of respect and privacy.
¡Gracias Doctor Rosow!"
Enrique Santos
Syndicated Univision Radio & UniMas TV Host

"Our daughter is a young aspiring singer.  She started writing songs at age 10 and has had some pretty major accomplishments before the age of 16, including an international tour through Asia.

At 14 years old she developed an ongoing sore throat.  Her speaking voice became deep and raspy.  Her vocal range decreased and she sounded continually hoarse. It was blatantly apparent that there was something seriously wrong, effecting not only her singing voice but her speaking voice.  Shortly before meeting Dr. Rosow we received the devastating news that she had developed a cyst encapsulated within one of her vocal chord.s   We hoped to find a specialist within a 300 mile radius and fortunately Dr. Rosow is one of three specialists accessible in Florida. Our family bonded immediately with Dr. Rosow; he is very professional and extremely personable.  Dr. Rosow explains things in layman terms and takes down the barriers to make even the most complex procedures, understandable. 


After several failed attempts at conservative treatment, our daughter had no alternative but surgical intervention.  It was the scariest thing that we had ever been experienced with our child.    We are elated to say that the surgery was a huge success.   Our daughter has made a full recovery and her voice is as good, if not better, than what it was originally. Our daughter has since been sign by an artist development team, an agent, a manager, and an entertainment attorney.   If they only knew how close she came to losing it all."



"I started having some trouble with my voice last year and decided to get it checked out. As it turns out, I wasn’t in the best shape to be singing. Once I realized I was developing pre-nodes I took all the necessary measures to get better. I was scared, thinking my voice might never get back to normal and that I’d have to stop singing.


However, the Vocal Health Collaborative team,  Dr. David Rosow, Dr. Julia Gerhard, and Dr. Ana Flavia Zuim assured me that this wouldn’t be the case. They gave me the tools and exercises I needed to get better in no time! My voice is clearer than it’s ever been, and I can’t thank them enough! Highly recommended."

Paola Marrero

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